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The Piston Cap, which is part of the Nixon Capsule Collection, represents a time period of individualism, community, and simplicity. This can all be seen by visiting Nixon Avenue in Reno, Nevada, which is crowded with quant brick homes, clean yards, and lush trees and brush.

In addition, this six-panel cap pulls from President Nixon’s campaign slogan: “Nixon’s the One!” With our twist, the Piston Cap states that “Curly Wolf is the One!” — pulling inspiration from that era with a touch of Americana.

Lastly, the cap is embellished with traditional and thick embroidery. The name “Piston Cap” pays homage to the Motor City because of the classic fit and corduroy material, and due to the color scheme, inspired by the Detroit Red Wings.

Wear an era of vintage American History with the Piston Cap.


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